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TIPS : Question you should asked to your broker

You want to know if your yacht broker takes all the steps to properly market your boat?
Set yourself up for success and and put all the chances on your side. We all know that this market is very competitive with plenty of boat offers all over the world for the potential buyer. Your boat won’t sell itself, and even the most experienced professional brokers can fall short in selling your yacht if they are not keeping up with the ever-changing standards of Yacht marketing.

Your yacht should receive personal & professional attention with marketing that has been proven effective, from professional photography, to trusted presence on the best and well known Marketplace. To be sure that your broker is more than just talk, ask the right questions, and expect specific, proven answers that give you the peace of mind. You will find in this article insider knowledge on how to ensure your boat will be perfectly showcase online. Here are few questions you should ask your yacht broker if you’re not getting results.

1. Is My Yacht Shared On Competitor Websites?


Some Brokers don’t allow their listings to be shared on other web sites.

Yachtside broker allow competitors to advertise our listings on their website. This means we might have to split our commission, but our commitment is to getting you yacht sold, not to make a larger commission.